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Veg Friends is a non-for profit organization dedicated to promoting a vegetarian lifestyle and wellness through food. We also strive to promote a sustainable way of life that is good for human beings and planet Earth.

We created Veg Friends so that we could connect the vegetarian population with a user-friendly network nationwide. At Veg Friends we can offer sustainable ideas, vegetarian and vegan recipes, links to other vegetarian sites, and articles about vegetarianism and health. We are striving to create an extensive database full of vegetarian foods, beauty products, herbals and supplements to meet your needs. Most of the product labels on our website we test ourselves and if we like them then we will recommend them to you. If you have any ideas then please let us know.

Here you will find our personal home-made vegetarian recipes and vegetarian foods to purchase from our friends. These recipes were hand developed and tested with our friends and family, so that vegetarian and non-vegetarians alike can experience the joys of a tasty meal without any animal meat and/or animal products!

We strive to provide the latest information on vegetarianism so that you may educate yourself and your friends. We have a list of literature that you may find most helpful. We have books on vegetarian cooking, holistic health, herbal medicine, dieting and spirituality.

With todays headlines constantly reminding us of the many problems with our current health care system in the United States, we felt it was necessary to put an article concerning the health benefits of eating vegetarian.



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